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Privacy Policy

EncryptLine does not and will not record, sniff or scan any EncryptLine user's Internet traffic.

No logs are recorded.

We collect the minimum information when setting your account up, requiring only an email. We will Under no circumstances sell, share, trade, disclose or rent this information to others, this is guaranteed because we don't save any personal information you disclose to us.

The only exception on this rule is your contact or paypal email, which will be your contact email. In regards to paypal email, we send logins etc only to email from were the payment originated from. This is to prevent fraud and to take actions on chargeback's. Under no circumstances is your online activity's privacy breached. Usernames nor passwords are related to your email. All traffic leaves one of our given servers with the same external IP address. Thus the anonymity. All the traffic of many users becomes mingled together inseparably. Now when traffic leaves the server it also has a session id number associated with it so when the traffic gets answered or returned the server can route it back to the correct user. Payment via paypal also will show payment for EL Service, again for your own privacy.

To ensure you the best possible privacy we accept anonymous payment methods like E-Gold, CashU etc.. as well as payment methods for convenient shake like paypal.




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